Johan Ludvig Runeberg is one of the most well known poets in Finland, and we also share some of his genes in the past. One of his greatest works is “The Tales of Ensign Stål.” This collection of poems, about the Finnish-Russio war of 1808-09, became compulsory reading in schools. One of our assignments in the 7th grade was to memorize one of his poems. I memorized one of his most memorable poems, “Sven Dufva,” about a soldier in the war, 28 verses long, and recited the entire poem in front of my class.

This section is for all you aspiring poets who would like to share your talent with the rest of us. We may not be a Runeberg, but we are poets in our own right. Here are some of mine for you to enjoy.

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Don’t Weep For Me ~ A poem about the sadness we feel when we leave someone. Read Don’t Weep For Me Foreword and then the poem “Don’t Weep For Me.”

House Upon a Hill ~ Read about my home in Finland, and where I live now. Read House Upon a Hill Foreword and then the poem “House Upon a Hill.”

First Snow ~ A poem about the magic of winter and its first snowfall. Read First Snow Foreword and then the poem “First Snow.”

Gone ~ The sadness of losing something, and then finding it again. Read Gone Foreword and then the poem “Gone.”

Fairy Woods ~ A poem about tapping into your childhood memories. Read Fairy Woods Foreword and then the poem “Fairy Woods.”

The Hunter of Conscience ~ I have never been a hunter and never will be. Read The Hunter of Conscience Foreword and then the poem “The Hunter of Conscience.”

What’s Cracked ~ A whimsical poem about a fault I just can’t seem to eliminate. Read What’s Cracked Foreword and then the poem “What’s Cracked.”

The Hand ~ A poem about the passing of my mother. Read The Hand Foreword and then the poem “The Hand.”

In Golden Fields ~ Read about the undulating wheat fields, farmers and the longing to be laid down to rest in one’s homeland. Read In Golden Fields Foreword and then the poem “In Golden Fields.”

Fox Hunt ~ A poem my dad Anton wrote in 1940. Read my Fox Hunt Foreword and then my translation of the poem “Fox Hunt” in English. Here is  the poem “Fox Hunt” as my father wrote it originally in Swedish, including an original scan from the magazine Finlands Hunt and Fish Journal.