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Ancestry Books Introduction ~ This is a brief introduction and explanation of the books below.

Finnish King and Presidents ~ This book shows how we are related to the first and only King of Finland and to six Presidents.

Biblical Genealogy ~ This book covers the Biblical lineage from Adam and Eve till where it ties into the next book, Early Mythology Ancestry. Of interest is the first Naval Architect in the family, Noah and his ark. It looks like he also had the first recorded hangover.

Early Mythology Ancestry ~ This book shows the creation and the earliest history. For the Greek/Roman and Finnish mythology it shows that neither the chicken nor the egg came first, but a duck. It also shows how the mythologies tie into the Biblical lineage.

Visigoths Royal Ancestry ~ This book shows how the Visigoths came from Sweden and established the Goth dynasty.

Norwegian-Finnish Royal Ancestry, Mythical to 872 ~ This book shows the Norse mythology and how Norway was established by Finlanders and takes us to the Viking era.

Norwegian Royal Ancestry Harald Hårfager to Present ~ This book continues from the previous beginning with King Harfager, who got himself a Queen from Finland. It covers the Viking era and the 250 years when Norway was part of Sweden and brings us to the present king.

Swedish Royal Ancestry Book 1 Mythical to 1250 ~ This book describes the Scandinavian mythology and includes the Viking era.

Swedish Royal Ancestry Book 2 Folkunga Dynasty 1250-1523 ~ This book covers the time of wars among Sweden, Denmark and Norway and the attempt to form a common Scandinavian (Kalmar Union) country. Our closest royal ancestor, King Karl VIII, our 15th great grandfather lived during this time.

Swedish Royal Ancestry Book 3 Wasa Dynasty 1523-1751 ~ This book cover the time of Sweden’s greatest time during the wars and occupation of large parts of Northern Europe.

Swedish Royal Ancestry Book 4 1751-Present ~ This book covers the time of the wars with Russia and the subsequent loss of Finland to Russia. It also includes Sweden’s role during WW II and Finland’s wars.

Danish Royal Ancestry ~ This book begins with the mythical kings of Denmark and continues to the present time. It describes Denmark’s wars with Sweden and the WW II occupation by Germany.

Orkney Earls ~ The Orkney was ruled by Earls with close ties to the Norwegian Vikings for 300 years. Read about this history and our relationships with them.

British Royal Ancestry Book 1 ~ Legendary Kings from Brutus of Troy to including King Leir.

British Royal Ancestry Book 2 ~ Kings of Mercia, from a mythical grandson of Woden (Odin) to Lady Godiva’s granddaughter, who married King Harold II of England.

British Royal Ancestry Book 3 ~ Kings of Wessex, from Cerdic, who came to Brittany in 495 to Harold II of England, my 27th great grandfather.

British Royal Ancestry Book 4 ~ Kings of Kent from Hengest, who came from the mainland to Britain to King Alfred the Great and his sons.

British Royal Ancestry Book 5 ~ Kings of Anglo-Saxons from Hengest’s son, Hartwaker of Saxony to Henry the Fowler, the Duke of Saxony, who became the first German King of the Ottoman Dynasty.

British Royal Ancestry Book 6 ~ Kings of England from King Alfred the Great to present time.

Egyptian Royal Ancestry ~ This book describes our ancestry from the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt. That history has been well preserved with the hieroglyphs and findings in the ancient pyramids.

Libyan (Cyrene) Royal Ancestry ~ This shows how history repeats itself, this time in Libya. Just as Libya is split up in two parts in a civil war now in 2011, it was split up in 276 B.C. with a separate eastern part, Cyrene. Benghazi is its capital, named after Berenice, the daughter of Magas, the first King of Cyrene, our direct ancestor. Subsequent ancestors and relatives ruled Cyrene until it was annexed with the Roman Empire in 30 B. C.

Persian Royal Ancestry ~ This book describes the first and last non-Islamic dynasties and eras, 550 -329 BC and 226 – 651, in Persia, the cradle of the civilization with of our best historically recorded early ancestry. This is part of our lineage from the Egyptian to the Byzantine ancestry.

Byzantine Royal Ancestry ~ This book begins with Emperors from 578 to 1056 and describes the era where Constantinople was the most influential and richest capitol of the world in contact and conflicts with many of our ancestral countries.

Russian Viking and Royal Ancestry ~ This book describes the formation of Russia under the Viking Rurik.

Russian Royal Ancestry from Catherine the Great ~ This book cover the more recent history of Russia including the murders of the last tsar and his family.

Roman Early Ancestry ~ This book describes the Roman Emperors at the Biblical time from great grand-uncle Julius Caesar to great grand fathers Caesar Augustus and Nero, et al. The lineage continues with the Frank Royal Ancestry.

Frank Royal Ancestry ~ This book describes the Frank era until that region split up into France and Germany and Charlemagne’s reign began.

European Recent Royal Ancestry ~ This covers the time from Charlemagne (37th great grandfather) showing how we are related to most European kings.

Prussian Royal Ancestry ~ This book covers the Prussian foundation of Germany and when Finnish officers were secretly there to become officers in Finland’s independence war against Russia.

Polish Royal Ancestry Book 1 ~ Medieval time (800-1400).  This describes the several wars against Russians, Turks, Prussians and Swedes. Uniquely, the rulers from the first to the 12th are our direct great grandfathers. It ends with King (although female) Saint Hedwig.

Polish Royal Ancestry Book 2 ~ Jagellon Dynasty 1400-1800. This book begins with Saint Hedwig’s husband Jogalia as the king and continues until Poland was annexed by Russia. Poland was at times co-ruled by Sweden.

Hungarian Royal Ancestry ~ This book begins with Hungarian mythology with their version of Odin and continues with their medieval kings. It also shows how Attila the Hun is a great grandfather ancestor.

Bohemian Royal Ancestry ~ This book covers the mythical beginning and the medieval rulers of Bohemia.

Portugal Royal Ancestry ~ This book lists the Kings of Portugal. Of interest is how Portugal sailed all over the World, but unlike the Vikings the Portuguese founded permanent colonies.

USA Presidential Relative ~ This book shows how we are related to George Washington.

Our Little Princes and Princesses ~ This is a book that is intended to be a story book for our small children and grandchildren. It shows that if we go back to our great-great-great, etc parents, who were kings and queens, we too would have inherited from them some royal blood and in an imaginary way could be princes and princesses.