Karl Johan Granholm and his home (och hans hemgård)

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Paul Granholm tells about his grandfather Karl Johan and his home as submitted with pictures by Paul’s son Bosse. Lars Granholm has added information about what one of Karl Johan’s teenage friends remembered about him and about their fathers. Paul Granholm berättar om sin farfar Karl Johan och hans hem, bifogat med bilder från Pauls son Bosse. Lars Granholm har bifogat vad en av Karl Johans ungdomsvänner kom ihåg om honom och om deras pappor.    

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Teodor Granholm: My Home, Mitt Hem


Teodor Granholm remembers his childhood home and has included what his father Karl Johan wrote in 1908; “My Thoughts and Reflections”. Read about this in “My Home”. Teodor Granholm minns sitt barndomshem och har bifogat vad hans far Karl Johan skrev år1908; “Mina tankar och fragment”. Läs om det i “Mitt Hem”.  

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The Granholm North Pole Legend

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An Internet source claimed that “The Finns are father Noah’s grandson’s progeny and the original inhabitants of the North, from whom the Swedes, Norwegians and Danes are descended.” This book investigated that leading to an astonishing new legend. Read about this in “The Granholm North Pole Legend”.

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Our Grandfathers’ Piano

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We have an interesting connection to Ray Dolby, the inventor of the “Dolby sound”. His grandfather was from Terjärv, his grandmother from Kaustinen. His grandfather built a harpsichord piano, which ended up with my grandfather. Read about that and Dolby’s other connections to us in “Our Grandfather’s Piano”.

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Granholmen, an Isle in the Forest

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This story in English and Swedish includes     The Foxhunt by Anton Granholm as published in 1943 in Swedish     Kaj’s English translation of the article     Part of Uno Granholm’s letter in 1972 to me in Swedish Uno’s letter in English     Ski race at Strömbäckas     Click here for the story in PDF format.  

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