Gautreks Saga

Gautreks Saga.jpg

Most of the Viking sagas are rather long. The story here is one of the short ones, and here even further abbreviated. It starts with mythology and the lineage ties into actual persons, the reader may decide where. Read about this illustrious past in Gautreks Saga.

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Finland/Sweden Historical Wars

Finland Sweden Historical Wars.jpg

This book, the“Finland/Sweden Historical Wars” is about when Finland was part of Sweden and Russia before it became an independent nation. It describes the wars and battles from the Swedish Crusades almost 900 year ago to the 1854 skirmish at Halkokari by Gamlakarleby and our participating relatives.  

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The Murder of Elina – Elinan Surma

The Murder of Elina.jpg

This is the story about Finland’s most famous poem. It has been the basis for ballad, theater, opera, movie and TV programs. While some of the information here is in Finnish you can, while online, see a 1938 movie with English subtitles about this medieval event, “The Murder of Elina – Elinan Surma”.  

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USA Presidents

USA Presidents.jpg

Earlier I showed how we are related to the“Finnish King and Presidents”. This book shows our relationships to 31 of the USA presidents, including four of the five still alive (Feb. 2012). The information is based on an “” genealogy program to which I have added information about various common ancestors. Click here on “USA Presidents”.  

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Martta Markus (Granholm) ancestors

Martta Markus (Granholm) ancestors.jpg

My uncle, “Uno farbror” Granholm was quite interested in genealogy and had made a chart of his ancestors. The information about Uno’s family roots and other things he wrote was something he wanted to pass on to his children. To add to this information I have here a list of the ancestors of his wife, Martta Markus (Granholm) ancestors.  

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Applegate Ancestry

Applegate Ancestry.jpg

This book has been updated October 2013. It shows Applegate’s early native Indian and Finnish ancestry and extensive participation in various US wars including with Indians. It also ties the Applegate family to the Granholm by common Royal ancestors, such as Charlemagne, see Applegate Ancestry.

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