What do we know about Finland? Do we know the names of the places our relatives came from? What is the country like? Finland is where our roots are. You may not have been born there, but your heritage was born deep in the roots of Finland, and beyond. Embrace your heritage, as you add to the tapestry of all our roots…   Finland, to some people it is just a place on the map. It is a country in northern Europe, part of Scandinavia, somewhere way up north where it is cold all the time. Mention Gamlakarleby (Kokkola in […]

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Our Vision “Lest We Forget”


Our Vision: “Lest we forget” is a website that was envisioned by Lars Granholm, Kaj Granholm, and John Granholm. It is a project that looks back at our heritage, shares in the present, and holds unwritten pages for the future. The scope of the project is as far reaching as our heritage; and the goal is to introduce us all to a colorful tapestry of history woven throughout time… Our objective: “Remembering our Ancestry” We created this project to provide you with a place for the following: To learn about our past lineage.  Preserve our ancestry and heritage for […]

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