Our Vision “Lest We Forget”


Our Vision: “Lest we forget”

AncestryFootprints.com is a website that was envisioned by Lars Granholm, Kaj Granholm, and John Granholm. It is a project that looks back at our heritage, shares in the present, and holds unwritten pages for the future. The scope of the project is as far reaching as our heritage; and the goal is to introduce us all to a colorful tapestry of history woven throughout time…

Our objective: “Remembering our Ancestry”

We created this project to provide you with a place for the following:

  • To learn about our past lineage.
  •  Preserve our ancestry and heritage for our future generations.
  •  Ensure that our children do not forget our roots.

Here is a place for you to travel back in time. Where you can go to listen, read, and reflect on the words of those who came before you. Click on titles to access stories or Article Links for direct access to all stories.

  •     Lars Erik Granholm ~ Genealogist
  •     Kaj Håkan Granholm ~ Genealogist
  •     John William Granholm ~ Website Administrator
  •     Judy Granholm ~ Editor