Famous Relatives and Ancestors

Famous Relatives and Ancestors.jpg

Relatives are persons who are descendants from a common ancestor. The book Släkten Granö by Uncle Teodor Granholm was the first listing of our relatives starting with Måns, living in the 1400s. Another such source begins with a common ancestor, Erik Sursill, shown in a Sursill Chart. These relatives include three of Finland’s presidents and many other famous persons. The book in the Genealogy Section about Finnish King and Presidents shows how we are related to the first and only King of Finland and to five Presidents.


Some famous direct ancestors are listed here. Many more can be found in the books listed in the Genealogy Section. Our direct ancestors here are Rurik, the Viking who founded Russia, Rollo, the Viking who founded Normandy and Attila the Hun, whose direct lineage to us includes Charlemagne. A list of all Granholm ancestors with a name index can be seen by clicking on Anton Granholm ancestors.

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